STORServer Console (SSC)

STORServer Console (SSC)

STORServer Console (SSC)

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STORServer® Console (SSC) lets you configure and manage your IBM Spectrum Protect™ environment with a single, intuitive user interface. SSC is designed to simplify configuration of hardware, data retention policies, and scheduling of both client events and administrative activities. Monitoring, reporting, and real-time notification features keep you apprised of IBM Spectrum Protect server activities. Daily administration of your storage environment is reduced to less than 30 minutes per day.

Key features:

  • Management of multiple IBM Spectrum Protect servers through a single centralized management interface, with unlimited remote client installations on multiple desktops.
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    SSC Server Config screenshot
  • Simplified configuration of storage devices, storage pools, and data retention policies.
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    SSC MgmtClass screenshot
  • A sleek and intuitive user interface that includes drag-and-drop support, dockable windows, and customizable views. IBM Spectrum Protect objects are presented in multicolumn list windows, where you can view attributes of each object and customize the order and visibility of columns to suit your preferences.
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    SSC Storage Pool screenshot
  • Real-time monitoring of scheduled client backups, library hardware status, IBM Spectrum Protect server sessions and processes, and operator alerts and activities.
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    SSC Real Time Monitoring screenshot
  • Configurable reporting and notification features including a report designer and HTML reports that can be written to a local server or delivered in email to make you aware of issues that need immediate attention.
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    SSC Report Designer screenshot
  • A built-in scheduler that significantly extends the scheduling capabilities of the IBM Spectrum Protect server while maintaining compatibility with existing IBM Spectrum Protect schedules and scripts. A sleek, easy-to-use schedule designer assists you in defining and configuring administrative schedules to automate administrative activities.
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    SSC Schedule Designer screenshot
  • An activity log viewer with robust search and filtering capabilities that quickly locate and display relevant messages to assist you in diagnosing failures and other issues.
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    SSC Log Viewer screenshot
  • A Replication Settings dialog box that simplifies configuration and setup of client node replication, which can eliminate the need for tape transportation and storage.
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    SSC Replication Settings screenshot

How to Purchase

SSC can be purchased as a standalone product for existing IBM Spectrum Protect environments or as part of a STORServer appliance solution. The powerful combination of SSC and IBM Spectrum Protect ensures a highly disaster-tolerant environment for corporate data, while simplifying the administration tasks associated with data protection.

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Use to manage your IBM® Spectrum® Protect server

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