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2013-14-Integrated-Backup-Appliance-BIC-500x500STORServer® appliances that are powered by Commvault® Simpana® protect every device in your environment: from workstations to servers, and databases to e-mail. Simpana OnePass™ IntelliSnap® snapshot and virtualization features slash time, risk, and cost, while protecting and archiving data for the entire environment.  Show me how it protects

Simpana 10 uses built-in, highly automated processes and Web-based reporting to reduce data management costs and complexity while efficiently managing large-scale operations and scalable, secure shared services. Show me how it manages

With a STORServer appliance powered by Commvault you can access your data anytime from anywhere. Use your mobile device to quickly and securely control and manage your storage environment. Show me the access

commvault_logoCommvault developed Simpana software to help enterprises stay ahead of the curve while simply and efficiently managing any amount of data in any form. Simpana 10 introduces 300+ new features, but also takes on new and complex challenges like BYOD, mobility, cloud, virtualization, and big data.

Commvault Capabilities

The following table outlines the features, advantages and benefits of the most widely used  capabilities.

Features Advantages Benefits
Backup and Recovery Management Intelligent backups and restores utilizing a revolutionary “One Pass” backup and restore strategy, where only new and used files are backed up. he industry’s first converged process for backup, archive and reporting from a single data collection and common infrastructure Centralized protection based on smart-move and smart-store technology leading to faster backups and restores with less network and storage resources needed – Link to paper
Virtualized Storage Management Policy-based management of file backup and archiving within virtual and associated pools, rather than tethered to specific media for both VMware and Hyper-V Transparent data movement unhindered by long-term media restrictions, separating data and media management to their respective goals and objectives – More on how we protect VMware or Hyper-V
Archive Management Managed archives as a separate function from backup retention policies without transferring the data again Ability to easily protect and manage documents that need to be kept for a certain period of time – Link to paper
IntelliSnap Snapshot management across 95% of the industry’s top storage arrays Simpana® IntelliSnap™ technology harnesses the power of array-based snapshots to accelerate backup & recovery Link to paper
Parallel Deduplication Multiply your capacity, throughput, and resiliency by consolidating multiple deduplication nodes under a single global reference pool. Simpana® software deduplication benefits extend further across the enterprise and the cloud with 4th Generation Deduplication technology.Link to paper
Edge Protection and Mobile Access Complete enterprise-class solution that delivers efficient, centralized laptop/desktop data protection and “anywhere access” to data Simpana® software delivers access and protection for edge data reliably, securely, and cost effectively whether in the field, remote site, or central office. Link to paper
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