TSM Third Party Products

TSM allows third party products from developers who add functions and features. STORServer makes these offerings available to its appliance customers. See below for some options:

IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files

IBM Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Files is an integrated recovery solution that provides complete data protection in case of a corruption, user error, virus, or system failure. IBM’s CDP for Files installs and configures in minutes, and runs invisible in the background. Learn more about IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files

AvePoint DocAve Backup and Restore

Advanced data protection and granular restore for Microsoft SharePoint environments

In order to provide business users with uninterrupted access to critical business SharePoint content and instill confidence in platform reliability, organizations must satisfy robust service level agreements (SLAs), stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs), and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to minimize data loss and business disruption for lost or corrupted content.

To comply with these strict SLAs, organizations need robust data protection and simple, fast restore solutions for their SharePoint environments.  Learn more about AvePoint DocAve Backup and Restore

Cristie TBMR – Bare Machine Recovery for TSM

TBMR leverages your investment in TSM by allowing recovery of a machine’s operating system to similar or dissimilar hardware directly from Tivoli Storage Manager. Since TBMR uses data backed up by TSM it requires no additional backup, storage, management or infrastructure.  Learn more about TBMR

Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (CBMR)

A complete system recovery solution that backs up and will quickly and automatically recover a failed machine to the same or dissimilar hardware. Backups can be made to Tivoli Storage Manager or to disk or tape.  Learn more about CBMR

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