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IBM® Spectrum Protect™ and STORServer Appliance

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STORServer software solutions, such as STORServer Console (SSC) and STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB), are fully integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) to ensure the maximum data protection that TSM provides. Both products simplify interactions, enhance and extend functions (scheduling, reporting, and troubleshooting, to name a few). These thoughtfully designed user interfaces accommodate both new and experienced users.

Key features of IBM Spectrum Protect

  • Backup and recovery management across the most complex IT environments.
  • Policy-based management of backed up and archived data with granular control.
  • Automatic data migration within the storage hierarchy.
  • Advanced data reduction features that include progressive incremental backup, source and target data deduplication, compression, and tape management.
  • Disaster recovery planning tools.

The following table outlines the features, advantages and benefits of the most widely used IBM Spectrum Protect capabilities.

Features Advantages Benefits
Backup and Recovery Management Intelligent backups and restores utilizing a revolutionary progressive incremental backup and restore strategy, where only new and used files are backed up Centralized protection based on smart-move and smart-store technology leading to faster backups and restores with less network and storage resources needed
Virtualized Storage Management Policy-based management of file backup and archiving within virtual and associated pools, rather than tethered to specific media Transparent data movement unhindered by long-term media restrictions, separating data and media management to their respective goals and objectives
Archive Management Managed archives as a separate function from backup retention policies Ability to easily protect and manage documents that need to be kept for a certain period of time
Advanced Data Reduction Combines progressive-incremental backup, source and target data deduplication, compression and tape management to provide best-in-class data reduction Reduces the costs of data storage, environmental requirements, and administration

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