Dallas Area Rapid Transit: Data Deduplication Savings and Simplified Backups

STORServer helped DART reduce data storage requirements and simplified backups by implementing a new backup appliance and transitioning an existing tape library to serve as the disaster recovery target for its backup data. Thanks to the newest IBM® Spectrum Protect™ features and STORServer’s turnkey solution, the results have been impressive:

STORServer Solution Simplifies DART Data Backups

  • Fifty-nine percent data deduplication savings for a deduplication ratio of 3:1
  • Even as DART experienced 40 percent data growth since the implementation, the deduplication capabilities enabled them to use 38 percent less storage
  • Reduced overall costs for data protection by removing redundant data
  • Data is now moved more efficiently, allowing for best implementation of data protection business practices
  • Automated delivery of daily reports allows for easy review and confirmation that backups have completed successfully
“Knowing our main priority was to ensure platform stability and system supportability, STORServer carefully considered our current needs while also recommending scalable solutions that will allow us to easily accommodate potential future needs as our data backup requirements change over time.” David Bauchert, Senior Control Systems Programmer, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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