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IBM Spectrum Protect

The STORServer Backup Appliance: A Comprehensive Solution

As enterprises the world over adopt new technologies that assist them in data backup and, more importantly, recovery, a few solutions tower above the rest in terms of usability, cost and dependability. Backup appliances have emerged as a solution that work great for enterprise businesses because of the ease of integration and scalability. Our STORServer Backup…

The Latest from Manufacturing

The Latest from Manufacturing

It’s a busy “heads down” couple of weeks in manufacturing, with four STORServer appliances being built right now. The variety of customers is something that’s pretty cool – a very large multi-national manufacturer, a health care company, an aerospace and defense contractor and a government research lab. Wow! The variety of what’s being built is…

Virtual Storage – The Path To All Data Recovery (Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery)

Quite often, the person in charge of data protection in a corporate environment comes from a storage background.  Storage folks know disk, SSD, tape, and they’re familiar with network speeds, connectivity issues, and allocation.  So, when the assignment for disaster recovery, or backup, or archives, or anything to do with disaster recovery comes up, the…

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