STORServer VIrtual Appliance (VA)

STORServer Virtual Appliance (VA)

STORServer Data Protection Appliance Components

The STORServer Virtual Appliance is designed to operate within a VMware® ESX server footprint as a downloadable virtual machine. This “software only” product is a downloadable file that provides a fully integrated STORServer solution for any ESX server. The Virtual Appliance is currently offered only as a STORServer Appliance Powered by TSM.

Ready-to-Go Virtual Appliance

  • When fully installed your Virtual Appliance uses ESX processing, storage, and network capabilities.
  • Back up virtual machines with a Virtual Appliance with many license options.
  • Central management of all devices from one location with a unique VM interface.
  • Supports most operating systems, applications and databases.
  • Single-point-of-contact for warranty and support of all non-hardware-related events.

Virtual Environment Add-On

  • Provides an all-disk data protection implementation for virtual environments. Uses Extended or Basic Tivoli Storage Manager software.
  • Will back up any non-virtual client, but limited to the capabilities and connectivity of the ESX Server.

To purchase a STORServer Virtual Appliance, contact your certified STORServer Reseller. Virtual Appliances powered by TSM are limited to disk only. No tape options are currently offered. Processing requirements for a Virtual Appliance will require multiple cores, so size your ESX server appropriately. Specs are provided. The disk storage for backup must be dedicated backup storage and cannot be used in conjunction with any production data storage.

Available Appliances

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