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Backup Appliance

STORServer® backup appliance solutions are proven solutions developed, built and tested by industry experts who specialize in data protection technology. Backup appliance solutions are custom configured with the best data backup and recovery software and hardware available. STORServer is the original provider of the “backup appliance” approach to data protection.  We’ve made it our business to research and test hardware and software components to determine the best combinations of performance, cost, reliability, and scalability.

Pre-built, pre-configured and pre-tested appliance solutions ensure ease of installation and deployment, and come with certified U.S.-based support available with a single call.

Whether you are looking for a standard backup appliance solution, a Hybrid design, Cloud backup options, or are working with Virtual machines, STORServer offers solutions for you.

Why choose Backup Appliance Solutions?

  • Fully vetted hardware and software components
  • Quick to install – deploys in hours, not weeks
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Centralized management console
  • Manage all processes in 30 minutes a day (or less)
  • Multiple disk, tape, cloud options
  • “One call” warranty and support

STORServer Backup Appliance solutions can be configured to solve any data protection problem. Whether you are a small business without a data center or a large company with multiple locations, platforms and network technologies, STORServer can customize a solution to fit your company’s individual data protection requirements.

Available Appliances

Simplify with STORServer Software 

Simple consoles, great reporting, time saving features

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