STORServer Backup Appliances Help City Reduce Data

STORServer Backup Appliances Help City Reduce Data

STORServer Backup Appliances Help City Reduce Data

The City of Port Angeles found itself in need of an updated data storage configuration to allow for increased data growth and new storage requirements. Its needs had evolved since STORServer initially installed its data backup appliances in 2011 and helped the city transition from tape storage to an all disk appliance solution. Port Angeles police and fire department personnel were transitioning to virtualized desktops, a data legal hold was established, and the city required a data storage solution that could easily be expanded to accommodate expected data growth. Furthermore, the city’s unique requirement to have a third copy of its data in a location 100 miles away, due to the city’s proximity to a fault line and volcano, would also need to be addressed in this refresh. As a result, the Port Angeles IT team worked with STORServer to determine and install the best appliances and configurations for the new needs as well as to allow flexibility for future data growth.

Case Study Highlights:

Executive Summary

  • Organization: City of Port Angeles – Port Angeles, Washington, USA
  • Industry: Local Government
  • Size: 250 city employees
    serving 19,000+ residents

Business Challenges

  • Implement three data backup appliances
  • Provide data protection for physical and virtualized desktops
  • Supply ample data storage to accommodate the city’s growing data needs

STORServer Solutions

  • STORServer EBA802 Enterprise Backup Appliance
  • STORServer EBA1101 Enterprise Backup Appliance
  • STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) software

Data Storage Upgrade Handles Volcanoes, Fault Line, Deduplication
– Government Technology

City Sees 68% Data Reduction With New Data Storage Configuration
– Disaster Recovery Journal

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